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Info Session for Study Abroad in Seoul Korea in 2020 May-Mini

Plan to attend an info session for Study Abroad in Seoul, Korea in 2020 May-Mini.

2/18 5pm

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Marcia Henderson

Marcia Henderson left a positive review 9/17/2019

Enjoyed this event - very motivating!

Christina Alvarez

Christina Alvarez left a positive review 9/17/2019

Great speaker with great stories

Hattie Powell

Hattie Powell left a positive review 3/25/2019

I think the sessions are a good start. There are clearly things that need to be addressed on campus and some of the comments are just the tip of the iceberg. Education is a common concern on many levels concerning diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly when discussing what words, actions, and practices are considered biased, racist and prejudicial. The comments made about the term "White Privilege" stands out because of the uneducated descriptions given, particularly if you are an ethnic minority, it isn't about having to work for what you earn. As mentioned in the session, I would recommend planning other listening sessions where students get the notices to attend and as suggested, moving it to the RSC where they are. The CLUB could even be used. I think this initiative is needed if A&M-Commerce wants to really meet the needs of students, faculty, staff, and the community. If not, we will remain stagnant even though our student population makes us a minority majority institution.