Philosophy Series Speaker: Adam Briggle

Infinite Earth: The Eco-logic of Growth

Human population is heading for 11 billion. Global energy consumption is an order of magnitude higher today than just a hundred years ago, and it is going to double again by mid-century. Thus, the question: Can this be sustained or are we going to hit a wall? In this talk, I spell out the optimists’ logic that science will save us, and I trace its history from John Locke to the present day. I’ll show how this gets to the very foundations of the ethics-science relationship. I’ll conclude with some objections to the optimists’ logic in hopes of sparking discussion.

Adam Briggle
Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies in Philosophy & Religion

University of North Texas

2018-19 Philosophy Series Theme: Ethics in Science and Education

Friday, April 12, 2019 at 3:00pm

Talbot Hall of Languages, 203
1601 Education Dr., Commerce, TX 75428

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