Moonbase: The Next Step

Soon the dream of making a base on the moon will become a reality. Mankind will return to the Moon and develop a sustained, strategic presence near the lunar South Pole. The moon will become our first ‘staging post’ from which Mars and the rest of the solar system become tantalizingly closer.

MOONBASE: THE NEXT STEP is the story of this human endeavor, pushing scientific and technological advances to the limit. Traveling the 250,000 miles and surviving the hostile and alien conditions of reduced gravity, extreme temperatures and toxic lunar dust, we explain the science and technology for this brave mission to happen. Follow our story filled with awe, danger and trepidation, and share the wonder of the lunar environment made for 360 full-dome format.
Prepare for a hostile and breathtaking lunar experience…

Friday, April 19 at 8:00pm

More dates through April 26, 2024

Friday, April 26 at 8:00pm

2201 W Neal St, Commerce, TX 75428

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Educational, Planetarium Show


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