Early Season Vegetable and Crepe Myrtle Sale!

Vegetables and Crepe Myrtles for sale!


Bush Champion II (9 to 12 oz red fruit, plants compact, good disease resistance, good slicing tomato for sandwiches and salads, determinate)

Bush Early Girl (6 to 8 oz red fruit, plants compact, good disease resistance, good salad and sandwich tomato, determinate) 

Sun Sugar (bite sized yellow-orange fruit, aggressive vine, good disease resistance, excellent salad or snack tomato, named by Sunset as their best tasting cherry tomato, indeterminate)

All tomatoes in 4" pots, sold for $2 each.

Chile Peppers

Anaheim (light to medium green, medium-large sized fruit, moderate heat (1,500 Scoville Heat Unit (SHU)) 

Habanero (red-orange to orange, small fruit, high heat (200,000 SHU)

Jalapeno (dark green to red, medium-small sized fruit, moderate heat (5,000 SHU))

All peppers in 4" pots, sold for $2 each.

Vegetable flat special - Three of each tomato and pepper varieties in one flat! Normally $36, now $25!

Crepe Myrtles 

Natchez (white flowers, 25' tall at maturity, orange to red fall color)

Tuscarora (dark pink flowers, 20' tall at maturity, yellow to orange to red fall color)

15 gal. pots - normally $125, now $75 each!

Quantities limited, so come early!

Friday, March 15, 2019 at 12:00am to 6:00pm

Plant Sciences Center
2053 CR 4320, Commerce, TX 75428

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