December Staff Employee of the Month!

Congratulations, Priscilla Nichols
December Employee of the Month
Administrative Assistant, VPBA

Priscilla has been a constant bright spot at the university no matter how dreary the day. She epitomizes the university's core values of integrity, imagination and innovation. Integrity: She is a role model for the definition of integrity as someone who makes others feel valued while serving as a leader for others. I see her treat VIPs and students with the same respect and trust. Innovation: Priscilla always encourages others to perform at a higher level and is always willing to get her hands dirty to help with any problem. More than once, I have come to her office with a troubled mind about some issue and she has said or done things that help to relieve those troubles. I have seen her encourage student workers to learn new skills or methods on multiple occasions. Imagination: Besides being a positive, cheerful and bright lady, Priscilla is always willing to help others. I have seen her snowed under, yet she will put everything aside and help me. I know she does this for anyone who walks into her office. Priscilla is a wonderful person and a wonderful Lion. She will always be employee of the month to me.

Staff Employee of the Month!

Faculty, staff and students can nominate outstanding staff members each month for recognition by the Staff Council.

For information or to nominate visit: and click Staff Recognition.

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