Brush Up On Calendar Best Practices

Thank you for utilizing this tool to spread the word about your awesome events and announcements! In an effort to make the approval process smoother for everyone, we put together a list of most commonly made errors. It takes a while to get used to the calendar process, so we hope this helps everyone navigate it with more ease! Please contact with questions.

Name: Use a call to action for announcements. For example: "Register Today for XYZ," opposed to "Registration is Open for XYZ."

Description: Leave the time and place to the fields specified for time and location below and use this area to sell your event or provide valuable information.

Dates: For events, only input the date(s) the event actually occurs. For announcements, you may include up to (but no more than) three dates for your announcement to run. This does not mean that once the announcement has run three times you can run it three more. There has to be a significant change or update in information for it to run again. Please note that students only receive the bulletin on Mondays and Thursdays whereas faculty and staff receive it daily.

Location: For "event place" put in the building the event is occurring in, then specify the room in the "room" field below.

Photo: Each submission must have a photo attached. Please be sure the photo is clear and is not simply text or a logo. Faculty and staff are welcome to search our photo archives to see if something exists there.

Event Type: This field is mandatory for event submissions (can be skipped for announcements). We understand there might not be an option that perfectly fits your event, but please choose something that is close.

Audience: Please do not select event and announcement audiences on one post; however, you can choose as many event audiences or announcement audiences as you wish.

Misc.: The rest of the information on the form is up to the discretion of the submitter. We do request for each submission to have contact information for the audience as well as an active link if that is applicable.

Changes: If something is changed on your calendar item during the approval process and you do not agree with or understand the change, please do not go back in and remove the change and resubmit it. Contact to discuss the change because it was more than likely made for a strategic reason.


Again, thank you so much for taking the time to learn this tool and put it to use. We have seen great results with it thus far!

Thursday, August 29, 2019


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