Thursday, January 21

Fortnite League

**date listed here is the registration deadline, not the event date** Hosted by Intramural Sports, this is a league that will be held online through Mission...

NB2K21 League

This is a league that will be hosted online through Mission Control. The deadline for registration is January 21 at midnight. All players must be...

LFC Morning Virtual Prayer Meeting

We invite you to join us in our Virtual Prayer Meeting every morning from 5: 00 a.m. to 5: 40 a.m. in ZOOM. Please e-mail us for more information at...

5am through 4/30
Virtual Event
Microsoft Excel 2016-Present Excel Data Visually

Change your numbers to give a visual picture when you use Conditional Formatting, Pivot Tables, Charts, Graphics and Sparklines. For further information...

I Will Survive & Thrive!

The Counseling Center presents “I will Survive & Thrive!”. Stop by the Halladay Student Services building and join the Counseling Center to learn helpful...

LFC Grocery Run

Do you need a ride to Walmart to get groceries? We will be happy to help! The meeting location is outside of the Lions for Christ building (1900 Culver St.),...

LFC Cookout

Come join us for our first cookout of the semester. We look forward to seeing you. Feel free to bring a friend.

BSM Logo

Our weekly worship service; come for music, a message, and discussion afterwards.

Thursday, January 21