Tuesday, September 29

Microsoft Excel 2016- Excel's Database Feature

In this class, you will use Excel to manipulate your numbers by utilizing database features such as: Sorting, Filtering, Grouping, and Subtotals. We will...

CPA Information Session

Join for a virtual look into the pathways toward becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). During this session our guest presenter, Kim Holland with...

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Resumé Workshop — CID and COSE Students

Check out this resumé workshop for CID and COSE students. First Tuesdays include all majors.

12pm through 12/08
Virtual Event
Shot of Reality

A Shot of Reality is an alcohol awareness show created out of serious, painstaking research, but performed by two professional comedians making these topics...


Part of The New Play Development Series Sister Catherine is dead – the body of the young nun washed up on shore, an apparent victim of suicide. This event...

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Tuesday, September 29