Alumni Events

Thursday, August 29

Lions Roar: Commuter Breakfast

​​​​​​No time to think about breakfast? Drop by the Commuter Breakfast and grab something to eat and drink on the way from your car to your class!

Lions Roar: Unity Fest

​​​​​​Welcome to our pride! Join our fraternities, sororities and the Office of Intercultural Engagement and Leadership for an afternoon of free food, music...

Lions Roar: Mane Street Student Organization Fair

​​​​Check out all the amazing student organizations at the Mane Street Student Organization Fair! Student organizations will be ready to answer your...

Lions Roar: Pint Night

Hey, Lions! Don’t forget to join us for our first Pint Night of the semester! Come get your karaoke on and grab a pint glass to celebrate your first week of...

Thursday, August 29